Recommender Outreach Template

“Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners.”

– Laurence Sterne


Letter of Recommendation Request Template

Letters of recommendation are perhaps the most important evidence-based application component for medical school candidates. In the case of these third parties, admissions committees get the most unbiased sense of what these specific individuals have accomplished, how effectively they have networked, and what degree of strategic planning they have incorporated within the application process. Just because recommenders are typically under a professional and/or personal obligation to compose supporting documentation on your behalf does not mean you have no obligations of your own regarding their support of your application. Your first step is to self-examine and identify the particular experiences (and supervisors/mentors) you would be best served by seeking out. At that point, it’s best to reach out to those targeted individuals via email to request an in-depth face-to-face or telephone conversation.

During that conversation, you should be prepared to outline the following (ideally via face-to-face or phone, but email correspondence can be used if absolutely necessary):

  • Warm introduction to start

“Dear [NAME], I hope all remains well with you. I haven’t been in touch recently and I wanted to share with you a brief update.” 

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