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“I find that the more I give back, the more comes to me.”

 – Brett Cullen


White Coat Checklist Copyright Sharing

White Coat Checklist is a top medical school admissions resource only because we are a vibrant community sharing a common purpose of promoting excellence in the medical school application process. As a WCC premium member, you have contributed directly to the ongoing growth of WCC and we are grateful for your vote of confidence. In gratitude for your generosity, we are offering you the opportunity to share the copyright of one or more first-draft essays which would potentially become part of the WCC premium web learning database. You always retain the full rights to your own work – this process simply allows WCC to retain one digital copy for WCC member online instruction. As first draft essays, these resources are not suitable for plagiarism; specific content details will also be changed to protect each author’s privacy. 

At any given moment your uploaded document(s) can be classified under one of the following five headings:

  1. Draft Status: Default status after uploading; you will automatically receive WCC’s copyright sharing license via email attachment
  2. Review Status: Begins after your document(s) undergo initial WCC review
  3. Discuss Status: WCC corresponds to reach final agreement re: specific de-identification topics (undergrad program name change, etc.)
  4. License Status: $100 payment from WCC via Paypal concludes successful essay copyright sharing transaction
  5. Rejection Status: Submission of final draft essays, redundant materials, or other inappropriate content may lead to document rejection

If you intend to submit multiple documents for potential licensing consideration, please make sure to upload each item separately with an appropriate file name. 

If you have any questions regarding our licensing process, simply Contact WCC and we will be sure to respond promptly. 



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