Frequently Asked Questions

“For every question, there is an answer. Where everybody fails is by asking the wrong question.”

– Richard Diaz


White Coat Checklist exists in the continuum between public forums like SDN and reddit where every opinion carries equal weight and high-cost consulting firms which can charge applicants thousands of dollars (in addition to the already hefty expenses of the medical school admission cycle) while often providing very little value to their clients in terms of teaching application skill sets. White Coat Checklist’s site is designed to be accessible to and affordable for every candidate – whether only looking for a few key online web pages or a highly customized learning experience tailored to the unique context of one particular candidacy. Health care professionals must be persuasive, understanding, and effective at engaging in meaningful dialogue. The SBIRT Collaborative student-produced video documentary proves that the White Coat Checklist approach can inculturate and reinforce such innate aptitudes among aspiring physicians.  Many companies in the admissions consulting field prey on fear, ignorance, and desperation, providing little of long-term practical value in return to either their applicants or the future patients whose outcomes will largely depend on them. One of the more critical problems of the current medical education system is that it can actually protect medical students who don’t make good doctors, making it more important than ever that the right candidates are offered admission. White Coat Checklist has sound clinical reasons for emphasizing the necessary competencies for a successful health care professional and working backwards from that perspective into a competitive personal context for medical school; our applicants are the ‘real thing’ who will hold up to long-term scrutiny as successful physicians. Our Testimonials Page speaks for itself.


Mission Statement: White Coat Checklist is an online community dedicated to educating medical school applicants about best practices of health care communication in regards to their candidacies as well as the competencies needed to succeed as 21st century healthcare professionals.

Vision Statement: White Coat Checklist is committed to creating a learning environment where medical school applicants can learn from the site and each other regarding best practices, with all content curated to ensure high value engagement customized to every visitor’s unique needs.


White Coat Checklist offers a unique set of online learning resources unparalleled in the medical school admissions advising space. We have a full set of best practices for every stage of the application process, including a proprietary set of interview preparation resources. In addition, WCC’s premium member resources include personal statement writing prompts as well as actual first-draft secondaries essays composed by successful medical school applicants, annotated by WCC regarding specific opportunities for improvement. Since these resources are simply not available elsewhere on the World Wide Web, we can offer a formidable competitive advantage to medical school applicants who rely on White Coat Checklist. Some key resources like the WCC AppTrackR medical school dashboard are available to both basic and full WCC members to help everyone stay organized throughout a complex and demanding application process.


1:1 Advising

White Coat Checklist has a baseline price of $90 per hour for 1:1 Advising sessions, with a two-hour minimum per session. White Coat Checklist is unique in its belief that services should be tiered on the basis of both merit and financial need and therefore offers scholarships to reduce costs for qualified applicants (scholarship eligibility will NOT reduce the cost of Remote Editing services). All scholarship eligibility must be indicated in the appropriate section when setting up a basic or full membership account with White Coat Checklist.

Merit-Based Recognition Scholarship

The Merit-Based Recognition Scholarship provides separate $10 per hour discounts for students who achieve EACH of the following: 36 (Pre-2015) or 516 MCAT total score, 3.7 Cumulative GPA, 3.7 Science GPA. If you qualify for all three, that’s a $30 per hour total discount! Please make sure to check off this award during the WCC account setup process and refer back to your eligibility when contacting WCC to request a 1:1 Advising Session.

Need-Based Financial Aid Scholarship

The Need-Based Financial Aid Scholarship provides a $10 per hour discount to current and former awardees of the Federal Pell Grant Program. Please make sure to check off this award during the WCC account setup process and refer back to your eligibility when contacting WCC to request a 1:1 Advising Session.

Continuity of Care Scholarship

White Coat Checklist values the opportunity to work with driven, highly-capable candidates over time to hone their competencies. Therefore, after every set of five 1:1 Advising sessions candidates will receive a $5 per hour discount. These discounts will be applied automatically by White Coat Checklist during the 1:1 Advising invoice process.

Remote Editing

White Coat Checklist offers remote editing with subject matter expert comments for basic and full WCC members upon request (simply request such services through the Contact Form). A flat fee of 10 cents per word is charged for such services, and scholarship awards cannot be used to reduce this cost. For example, a 500-word essay review with added comments totaling 100 words would come to $60. Under no circumstances will White Coat Checklist change or alter member-produced content directly in any way. For a collaborative editing experience which includes the full range of creative composition possibilities, we strongly recommend our 1:1 Advising services. 



White Coat Checklist’s 1:1 Advising is available via phone and videoconference (Skype, Google Hangout) formats. Requests for face-to-face 1:1 Advising can be made through the White Coat Checklist messaging feature and will be contingent on both availability and geography. Costs will need to be negotiated individually for this option and can be expected to include mileage, travel time, and reasonable expenses. No White Coat Checklist scholarships can be applied to any face-to-face 1:1 Advising session.


White Coat Checklist is optimized for medical school candidates – some aspects of our site such as the application tracker are simply not useful for persons targeting other types of programs. At the same time, health care service delivery is becoming increasingly multidisciplinary and the health communication best practices incorporated into the White Coat Checklist learning environment have broad applicability to MBA, MPH, MHA, and similar graduate programs as well as various Masters of Science programs in the applied sciences. White Coat Checklist is pleased to serve as a broad resource for aspiring future health care leaders.


White Coat Checklist is honored by occasional requests for group workshop information sessions to highlight specific skill sets provided through the WCC learning environment. Requests for a face-to-face or virtual information session can be made through the White Coat Checklist Contact Form and will be contingent on both availability and geography. Costs are negotiated individually for this option and can be expected to include mileage, travel time, and reasonable expenses (alternate arrangements can be made for registered non-profit entities). A guaranteed minimum of 10 attendees is required for any event request. All accepted WCC event invitations and/or sponsorships will be posted to the WCC Outreach Opportunities web page. 


White Coat Checklist believes in transparency and safety above all else. PayPal is directly integrated into the WCC site, with all payment transactions occurring on the PayPal portal directly for maximum security in addition to standard safeguards in place for credit and debit cards through their issuers. PayPal is also used to generate invoices for 1:1 Advising which can be paid directly by clients via PayPal as well. Cash, check, and money orders are not accepted by White Coat Checklist; a credit card terminal is provided for any face-to-face 1:1 advising sessions offered at various locales. There are no separate fees for clients associated with credit and debit card transactions – all processing costs are paid directly by WCC.


Any major undertaking, web design included, is a collective effort. The initial impetus for the project arose after the WCC Executive Director attended Professor Erik Molander‘s Entrepreneurial Workshop at Boston University School of Management during the 2012 Alumni Weekend program series. After the site branding was chosen and domain officially registered, a detailed design brief was submitted to offering a modest cash prize for suitable concepts. More than 430 submissions from a global set of contenders were received over a period of ten days, with § § Wodeol99 § § of Indonesia taking first place in a focus group survey of current pre-medical students. Pre-existing content prepared for White Coat Checklist and Wodeol99’s graphic creations were integrated into the current WordPress design by Patrick Allen, a Boston-based entrepreneur and fellow BC alumnus with a long track record of successful start-up web design and related projects, and his software engineering team. Most sayings heading the various web pages were found through online database resources like BrainyQuote and Bartlett’s Book of Quotes. Like most worthwhile endeavors, White Coat Checklist remains an ongoing work-in-progress and we welcome both general feedback and specific suggestions for ways to improve upon the original.


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