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2015: A Banner Year for WCC

As 2015 begins drawing to a close with increasingly shorter days, this is an appropriate time to reflect on the milestones our White Coat Checklist community has accomplished in the past few months. Some highlights of our most meaningful accomplishments are below:

#1. This year the WCC web-site was fully re-optimized from its original 2013 version, consolidating the most useful educational content into fewer web pages to increase ease of use in both the public site and the members-only section. As before, WCC’s web interface is optimized to work seamlessly on PCs/Macs, tablets, and smartphones so you can easily and reliably access our resources with any device of your choice.

#2. WCC has launched the new AppTrackR medical school tracking system with a comprehensive database of U.S. Medical Doctor and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine programs. The index is even searchable (Ctrl + F or Cmd + F) so candidates can find any program immediately. AppTrackR is unique in its ability to track individual primary applications, secondary essays, interview dates, and even acceptances through the interface in real-time. You can also delete programs upon receiving a refusal to keep your focus on the remaining targets still in play. We check regularly to add new programs but registered users can message us at any time for an immediate update to the database.

#3. WCC has created a new section of our public site called Trending Topics devoted to those most frequent topics for ethical essays and interview questions. WCC has curated high-value content and used a standard framework to outline the complexities of these issues in plain language for any interested applicant to read and understand. Additional pages for this section are under development and new suggestions for topics to include are most welcome.

#4. WCC has signed additional copyright sharing agreements with satisfied customers to increase our library of first-draft essay content and tips available on the members-only section. We are enormously grateful that WCC clients have been satisfied enough with their experiences to give back to the next generation, and we look forward to continuing to develop our library of learning resources over time.

#5. WCC has gone international for the first time, expanding its client base beyond the United States to include other countries in North America. We look forward to working with medical school application candidates wherever and however we can. The application process is certainly complex and challenging, but we always have the best chance of success in health care when we work together.

#6. WCC has been invited back to Boston College to conduct an on-campus workshop on behalf of the Mendel Society. Several dozen students have already signed up for the three-hour session, and we look forward to meeting them in the coming week. AMC Movie Tickets will be awarded to meritorious attendees to reward high-value participation, donated from WCC funds reserved for community outreach.

#6. Our Executive Director Aaron Lemmon finished his dual degree MBA/MSIS program at Boston University Questrom School of Business having graduated with honors.

#7. Aaron was handpicked to completed a two-year IT rotational program at Aetna, a leading national health insurance organization, with the unique opportunity to directly contribute to the health and well-being of Aetna’s 46.7 million medical and dental members. White Coat Checklist has no legal or other relationship with Aetna, and all opinions stated on this web site are private and unrelated to Aetna in any way.

#8. As part of Aaron’s need to relocate to the Greater Hartford area for his rotational program, WCC has been reincorporated in the State of Connecticut. The additional legal fee savings generated from this change of legal residence are already being reinvested back into additional WCC site development. New features targeted for launch in the near future include the direct integration of secondaries essays prompts into AppTrackR. As soon as you report your primary applications as submitted, AppTrackR would immediately send you the list of essays required for your target medical schools. Stay tuned for this and other high-value content upgrades in the near future! WCC is also pursuing several unique capabilities in partnership with strategic allies to re-invent other components of the medical school application process, which we are not yet ready to reveal publicly.

If you are a new visitor to WCC, welcome! If you are an old friend, it’s good to have you back. We look forward to making the WCC experience a continuously enriching one for you and your future colleagues in medicine. Keep up the hard work!


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