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May 2014

The AMCAS Deadly Dozen

In honor of the June 1st AMCAS application cycle, White Coat Checklist is pleased to introduce the ‘Deadly Dozen.’ These 12 cardinal sins of formal writing are found within essays and personal statements of many applicants, many of whom are highly capable writers. These issues reflect less of a personal failing than the subconscious tendencies of persons grappling with major topics with a…

The Primary Care Tipping Point (Postponed But Not Forgotten)

One of the most pervasive (and prominent) themes of national health care reform is the impending rapid decline in availability of primary care physicians. This is ascribed to a number of factors: the high cost of medical school in combination with the far lower pay awarded PCPs compared to specialists, the impending wave of physician retirements from the ‘baby boomer’ generation, and t…

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